Just some of the feedback from promoters and fans of the Jive Bunny Live Shows!


Pat Sharp – Radio & TV Presenter

“A truly amazing visual experience. Dynamic, mind blowing and bursting at the seams with the ultimate good times and great oldies”


Mark Tasker – Fruition & iFest

“Amongst an already stellar 80’s line up at this year’s iFest, Jive Bunny stole the show with a slick audio visual mix of music and memories. The advantage of having Jive Bunny in our show is that we can include all of the iconic artists and of course their greatest hits that we could never dream of being able to include in the concert otherwise. Jive Bunny along with his team of fully choreographed dancers had the audience singing and dancing from start to finish. Easy to work with. Hard to beat. Highly, highly recommended for your 80’s event no matter how big or small.”

Alex Dyke – Jack Up The 80s

“We booked Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers for both days at Jack Up The 80s 2014 on the Isle Of Wight. It’s a great act and the punters loved it. It’s great to bridge the gap between two live acts on the same stage but it’s not a filler. This is a proper stand alone act! Jive Bunny had them in the palm of his paw! Jive Bunny gave us a great party atmosphere & we would have had them again this year if they weren’t already booked.”


Chris Hill, Let’s Rock Leeds 2015

“I have to say, I thought Jive Bunny was the absolute star of the show. The videos of 80’s films, 80’s current affairs and 80’s music videos were so cleverly interwoven to go with the music. The dancers were fun too and the crowd really did enjoy the performance. I hope this gives the music new impetus and a resurgence of the Jive Bunny brand – it really was brilliant”


Jack Up The 80s Review, 2014

“For a couple of years at the end of the 80s wedding receptions and school discos rang to the sounds of a DJ – Jive Bunny, arguably the UK’s first superstar DJ – represented the ultimate cross-generation music, providing the younger people with a mixer who used the styles of emerging dance scene, but applied them to classic 50s and 60s music and TV Themes that appealed to your gran and grandad. In the intervening years not much has changed to his formula, and he still mixes the songs that he gave new life all those years ago. It’s clearly a formula that works, especially when he’s in front of a group that want to relive their glory days, but it was noticeable that a size-able number of younger people were also up and dancing too”